Coolest Guy On The Planet

This Is My Coolest Guy On The Planet Page.

In reality I'm using this site as an experiment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods to promote web sites and pages so don't be concerned about my apparent vanity.




Why do I want to be the Coolest Guy On The Planet?

At this stage a quick check of Google shows Brad F is the Coolest Guy On The Planet and who I actually learned most of the seo things I know from...

Russell Brunson was the 2nd Coolest Guy On The Planet.  I thought to myself I'll take a shot at the top spot. This what this page is all about.

How you can help my "coolness" ranking:

If you want to help me get to the top of the world and officially become the coolest guy on the planet, and you have a website, put a link on it to this page. Use "Coolest Guy On The Planet" as the link text.

here is an example: Coolest Guy on the Planet

What is my real job?

Fooling around with the Internet is more than just a hobby with me. I do it for a business as well but all the coolest people on the planet do the same don't they?

What am I going to do after being designated The Coolest Guy on the Planet?

Well this little site might just become the start of lots of fun in perfecting my Internet marketing skills. Just by actually being the coolest guy on the planet shouldn't change my life but it will be fun...

It might take me a bit longer to become the coolest guy on the planet than the current holder of this title but I'll give it a good shot with this little site.

True coolness is not found on the Net but in the saving grace of Jesus. In our sins we are very "uncool" but in being right before God by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross we are truly cool!

Want to be cool on the Net too?

If you want to try and get your own page ranking Google success just follow a few simple steps. Your webpage should have just the keywords in the first <h1> and second <h2> level headings. These keywords should also be found in every one or two paragraphs throughout the page. The page should be useful too as popular pages rank highly (much as we'd expect!).

Off page linking is the real goal however. There must be a good collection of quality websites linking back to yours using your keywords to increase your page rank. If you have good content then then you are more likely to get good and numerous links.

Coolness Contest

Let's turn this into a contest. May the coolest guy on the planet win the Coolness Contest! I'm looking forward to some stiff competition, so get that Coolness Contest website up and running!

Copy this contest section onto your page and link back to this page. Let's get that link collection growing!

If you want to talk to me about me being the:

The Coolest Guy On The Planet

then email me here:

Coolest Guy On The Planet


Chow for now,


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